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a "zippy" Mexican-built car that has superb German engineering, first-rate interior materials, and is loaded with safety features.

Anyone who thinks the Jetta is solely a woman's car is gay. Men with sophistication drive Jettas, not stupid insecure rat bastards who wish they had as nice a car.
Don't let the funky moniker of the Jetta fool you--it's a great car.
by PW January 11, 2003
A great band somewhat similar in style to the Goo Goo Dolls and Fuel. An excellent alternative to mainstream rock.
by PW August 08, 2003
what will happen if individual cultures disappear, replaced entirely by American culture.

A McWorld will never take place because American companies (such as McDonald's) and products will never displace local cultures but instead be integrated into them, while themselves integrating local culture and tradition.

Used in August 1999 National Geographic Magazine.
by PW January 13, 2003
1. a type of Cheddar cheese cracker manufactured by Kraft

2. breasts covered with nipple discharge
by PW January 13, 2003
1) International urban playboy and man of mystery.

2) Paradox. Because has achieved the above despite working in I.T.
"My mate travels back and forth between London and New York, he has women in both cities and lives in design hotel suites or at his media friends' SoHo lofts."

"Cool, what does he do?"

"He's in I.T."

"I see, he's a nebpor!"
by PW January 04, 2005
1) Person who briefly takes his foot off the accelerator pedal at a moment where it is not called for. Person will usually fiercly deny the lifting.

2) Generally, half hearted person who does something wrong and/or uncool.
Timmy lifted through Eau Rouge fo shizzle.

Just look at this bloke carrying a manbag, what a lifter!
by PW January 04, 2005
A great rock band in the face of Justin Timberlake look-alikes that ceases to exist because of drug charges.

Many of their songs feature a signature "pause" 3/4th's of the way through the song that seems like an ending. Most of their music is slow but is in no way boring.
by PW August 08, 2003
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