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by Anonymous July 26, 2003
someone who claims that the lesser knowns cause all the problems in the world
1)Mindy of "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy" is a snob. She thinks Mandy and her ilk are losers, when in reality, she's no better than them.

2): Mindy: "What losers you and Mandy are, Karen!"
Karen: "At least we're not snobs like you!"
Mindy: "I'm not a snob! I can't believe you said that to me, you abnormal freak!"
Karen: "Normal doesn't exist, retard! And I'm a punk, get it?!"
Mindy: "It's you punks who cause the problems in the world!"
Karen: "What about you snobs? We freaks know that if everyone was "normal" like you, the world would be boring".
Mindy: "And it would be peaceful, too."
#normal #loser #better #punk #exist
by Karen Stickney October 21, 2007
someone who says hey to you in the hallway, even when you know they hate your freaking guts.
snob: hey allen
allen: ...snob
#snob #stupid #dumb #fucker #asshat
by Doug T. Gorilla September 26, 2008
*; A person who is a constipated arsehole.

or; See's themselves better than anyone else.

or; Rudely dismiss you.
Walking down the street I say "Hello" or "Hey" and all I get is a mumble or a cold shoulder.
by Timmey'O'Tewl March 19, 2004
Refers to those who deem theirselves as of higher capability than others. Usually characterized by their wealth, fashion, tastes, and personal belongings. Also refers to 83% of all high school teenagers. The other 17% percent...10% gangs, 4% nerds, 3% "other". The most annonying college snobs and high school snobs are characterized by their community service, top 10% in class, $12 an hour jobs at fancy diners, excellent GPAs, jock status, need I say more? There are the less annoying snobs who don't share these traits, but are snobs mainly because they are much too concerned with dumbass bullshit amongst their friends. (If you come up in my face calling me a snob, your fate with the Devil will be suddenly clear.)
"The OC? I heard that place was full of snobs and homosexuals."
"So is my prep school, but THAT doesn't make me a snob...(smokes a blunt)"
"Say man, pass the greens already..."
by Chipmunk January 07, 2005
a person who thinks they are better than others
"Say shit to me again I'll beat your face in, fuckin snobby bitch" ~ Me to a prep
by Dirge February 01, 2005
thinks shes the shit even has a patch on her letter jacket for being class favorite. fucking dumbass
shes as low as the scum at the bottom of a swamp
by t b November 10, 2003
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