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When you screw something up in a really irreversible way
Wow, I just bombed that last meeting in Singapore. I really Kwoked it up.
by Not DHwang June 28, 2011
noun - a being of superhuman sexual powers

adj, kwok-ly
man, i wish i was with kwok last night, then i would have had been kwokly satisfied
by David K April 21, 2004
The King
Bow down to Kwok
by King May 11, 2003
A popular move in the sport of table football or foosball, whereby the attacking pegs attempt not merely to block the opposing goalkeeper's clearance but to strike it on the volley straight back into the net.

Also known as the 'slapback', this tactic was believed to have originated in Hong Kong.
Red Player: I'm totally going to strike this full pitch and score with my goalkeeper.

* Kwok *

Blue Player: Nice try douchebag, you got kwokked.


Henry was never too skilled at foosball, but when his front trio started jittering, you knew the kwok was about to strike one.
by A Pilgrim March 02, 2009
is consider highly offencesive word that can be described as any insult. Preferably it is used in offensive sexual contex.
dude i'm going to Kwok in your mouth.

Dude, I totaly kwoked that chick.

Im kwoken serious man!!

Kwok Off

Kwok my Dick!

I'll kwok you so hard, you won't be able kwok anymore.
by KwokAANATOR April 30, 2009
(verb) - to deny access to a resource (usually a toilet) by occupying it or otherwise rendering it unusable (often for extraordinarily long periods time).
also kwokked (adj) - broken, unusable
Rough night last night, really had to take a shit. Tried to go the bathroom three times over half an hour but was kwokked each time.


Sorry, I can't get that information right now, the database is kwokked.
hold pen in between pecs
You know your chest is huge if you can kwok a pen.
by david February 24, 2004

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