stupid nitwit overcome by beauty
carlton from "weekenders" is a snob
by sandea May 03, 2005
A person who displays aloofness in the presense of inferior beings.
Everyone hates a snob, because everyone knows a snob is better than them... and as Nietzsche wrote, virtue itself is offensive.
by cjwright79 August 11, 2006
originated when cruises to america were popular (think titanic) all of the "upper-calss" people would go Port. Out. Starboard. Back. Basically because this side had the nicest views.
now a good word to describe those who word lick their own ass before touching someone who they think is below them.
the steriotypical snob is english I WONDER WHY THAT IS???
english pricks
by snob impersonator January 04, 2005
Silly nigger on a bike
That snob thinks he's hot shit riding around through Syracuse on his huffy.
by Christopher Ailsby July 10, 2008
A snob is a person that acts as if he or she is superior than you and would not care to hurt your feelings by making you feel inferior with whatever excuse they can find such us wealth, fashion, taste, knowledge, you name it. They make you feel bad with yourself and are convinced that is a cool thing to do because they think you should learn what they are talking about because they get it better that you, they diserve it you dont, they belong you dont, they are smarter you dont, they are the last coca cola in the desert. In short: if hells exists, it is full of snobs that will spend eternity snobing each other.
Since her ex friend looks younger than her, she couldn't help snobing her by saying her exfriend dresses as a teenager.
by Agua_XP August 10, 2008
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