To intercept a high-five offering not intended for you. After or during the act of sniping, the phrase "Sniped!" should be said by the sniper. Several variations are detailed below.

Full Snipe: Both sides of the high-five are sniped, one after the other, by the same hand.

Cross Snipe: Both sides of the high-five are sniped simultaneously by one sniper, left side by the right hand and right side by the left hand.

Push Snipe: Both sides of the high-five are sniped simultaneously by one sniper, left side by the left hand and right side by the right hand.

Double Snipe: A cross snipe followed by a push snipe or a push snipe followed by a cross snipe.

Defense Snipe: A participant of the high-five snipes an approaching snipe with his idle hand.

Trick Snipe: A snipe performed by a participant of the high-five, by sniping the high-five partner with the left hand when the right hand is expected, or with the right hand when the left hand is expected.

Self Snipe: One participant of the high-five high-fives his own high-fiving hand with the idle hand, leaving the partner hanging.

Triple Snipe: Three participants in a circle, about to perform three simultaneous high-fives, all decide to snipe the high-five which they are not included in. If all participants choose to snipe with the same hand, the three pairs of participants will all high-five as planned.

Epic Snipe: A combination of three or more of the above-detailed snipes in quick succession.
An example Epic Snipe:

Person A and Person B lift their right hands in preparation for a high five. Person C goes for a Push Snipe, left hand to Person A and right hand to Person B. Before this snipe comes to fruition, Person A defense snipes Person B's left hand with his own left hand, and performs a quick full snipe on Person B and Person C's imminent high-five with his now idle right hand. Person B hangs his head in shame.
by miyomiyo July 18, 2010
'that's cool'
'GOTCHA'- but wayy cooler
"Snipe shirt!"

*pokes* "SNIPE" *runs away*

"Those sunglasses are fuckin SNIPE!"
by iNevErLikEdyoU March 01, 2008
A prank usually pulled in the woods where a gullable person is told to stand in the middle of the woods at night holding a bag with bread. When the snipe comes into the bag u beat it with a stick.
Hey you want to go snipe hunting?
-What is that
Whoa your telling me you never went snipe hunting
Well your in for a treat
by Zach8 March 15, 2007
To choose someone out of a large group of people, when the person is doing somthing unnoticeable, suck as chewing a piece of gum or whispering to someone.
Teacher: Jimmy Spit out that Gum

Jimmy: crap!

Other Kids: Sniped!!
by STL "CQ" February 27, 2007
A sniper, said for short. It can also be the verb "To snipe", as in to shoot with great precision using a heavy rifle that fires either 1 or 3 shots at a time. The rifle is equipped with a magnifier and a hair cross.
- Did you see that snipe who shot JFK?
- Today on Counter Strike, I sniped a whole bunch of n00bs.
by Ibrahim December 22, 2006
a cabin at friend's camp in maine. often called "snipe club" or "penis cabin" (because when you rearrange the letters it spells penis)
Brita: "What cabin are you in this session?"
Austin: "Snipe again goddammit!"
by dispatch131xhd September 14, 2006
to steal, shoplift, swipe, take without permission, etc.
"Yeah man, I sniped this visine and pack of gum from walmart 2 days ago, they didnt catch me."
by colin.odell April 06, 2006
v. to steal part of an IM intended for someone else by making an IM to yourself the active window on someone else's computer moments before the message is sent.
Dude, I so sniped the end of your message.
by Steve-O June 03, 2004

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