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(MOO'-cha-cho), n. A Spanish word, largely used by Mexicans/Chicanos and Latinos, meaning - roughly - a mischievious young person (male). Muchacha (feminine).
"Aiie, behave, muchacho!"
#chicano #slang #children #youths #spanish
by VSA August 11, 2006
what mexicans say to each other when they want to engage in gay ass sex with one another. also used by mexicans to find a gay person in a crowd.
Jose: I was picking berries last night, hombre
Juan: I was dreaming of a clean bathroom
Jose: Oh muchacho....
Juan: Si Jose, let's go to my place...

Alberto: Man, there's alot of people here today.
Ramon: I know. I've never seen these many Mexicans before.
(starts walking thru the crowd)
Alberto: Muchacho? Muchacho?
(skinny mexican turns around)
Skinny Mexican: Si
Ramon: Our lucky day Alberto.
Alberto: Muchachos!!
#mexicans #gays #sex #anal #dirty #spanish #filthy
by Charles Joseph Hurst the 2nd June 25, 2012
A 'spanish' phrase I am yet to hear any latin person say. Similar to gagta talk.
"Hi, Muchacho."
"Whas crackalackin' my homie G?"
by Zach G. December 03, 2003
a mexican, equadorian,or spanish person
ehhhh muchacho, wheres my burito
by gangstarrrrrr November 23, 2003
A humongous dork with a less than average sense of directions. Will often get you lost. Nonetheless, someone you want to stick around forever if your self-proclaimed nickname happens to be el the grache.
"I freaking love muchacho"
#basil #westwood #directions #dork #grache
by Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm June 29, 2009
a spanish term meaning slave
Ese, where my enchilada at? Tanto muchacho!!! Andale andale!!
by Ryan "Homie G" November 27, 2003
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