a whorish or bitchy girl.
the girl is such a snipe.
the snipey bitch sucked my dick last night
by lllittlegreeenplants February 23, 2009
to catch someone in the act of "checking out" someone. to effectively snipe, one must know that he/she is being watched, and then execute the Blue steel.
1st guy "man i saw sum girl checkin me out so i sniped her"
2nd guy "owned"
by 7aipan August 23, 2005
1.the act of calling out someones name and hiding or turning your head, in order to produce a comical reaction by the person being sniped as they look all around for who called their name
John: MIKE!*turns head*
Mike: Who was calling me... what?
Chris: That was a killer snipe!
by LK842 April 10, 2009
another word for shit or crap, used at whs
teacher- you suck. you get an F.
kid- snipe
by 99cali99 November 12, 2006
When a dog unexpectedly licks a person.
Damnit, your dog sniped my hand.
by bo's August 07, 2005
to stop smoking a cigarette (usually half way), put it out, and save it for later.
Steve: "We gotta get going!"
J-Rod: "Let me snipe this first."
by bonezilla May 05, 2005
A term used to speak of a cigarette... at least in my inner circle of friends. I dunno tho... maybe one of them made it up
Hey, wanna step outside for a snipe?
by SquallyL November 13, 2003
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