When a dog unexpectedly licks a person.
Damnit, your dog sniped my hand.
by bo's August 07, 2005
to stop smoking a cigarette (usually half way), put it out, and save it for later.
Steve: "We gotta get going!"
J-Rod: "Let me snipe this first."
by bonezilla May 05, 2005
A term used to speak of a cigarette... at least in my inner circle of friends. I dunno tho... maybe one of them made it up
Hey, wanna step outside for a snipe?
by SquallyL November 13, 2003
to be uberly, coolishly spiffier than any other..thing or to be equally as interesting as the azn sniper. can also be a last name for asians, african americans, and caucasians.
the azn sniper is so 1337 she snipes all of you to nothing. it's called f34r now.
by g r e m l i n February 26, 2003
also uzed to mean, small asian penis,, or penith
omg my dick is so snipe!
by topeizo March 19, 2003
Definite Asian nickname, Stands for Coolness , long ranged *in all sorts* Good aiming, Sexah, NS and wc3 king, Everyone wants a bit of SniPe! even BoA and wants to be like SniPe!
All of NS community want to be like SniPe!
by Kal March 19, 2003
One who lives in his mothers basement, about 30-40 years old, and posts on mdforums complains about everything, and says how good ns, when it sucks...
Hey theres snipes, that fag from md!
by FAT@$$ February 01, 2005

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