Prison term for a male inmate watching a female (or male ) officer while masturbating. The act can be obvious or more often than not on the sly.
Inmate X was placed in confinement after thinking he could snipe Officer A.
Inmate X is a known "sniper", you'd better watch your back!
by Sweetbabycorn September 14, 2006
To steal an object from someone and they don't notice, just like when snipers do when they shoot people, they kill them without them noticing obviously lol.
I just sniped that computer from that store.
by D Arps5 September 14, 2006
used as an exclamation to describe when someone commits a good scheist, Answers a tough question correctly in a timely manner, or when someone places a praticulary skillfull, deepcuting, well placed/though-out diss or insult upon someone else.

Often when being used to describe an insult it is exclamed after the insult in a pastense manner (sniped)
When Ken Jennings got a quite difficult question right one of the other contestants yelled "snipe!"
by Sconzo July 18, 2006
The Man - The Blackest Man in Hollywood.
The Definition - A very dark-skinned African-American.
Yo man, did you see Snipes the other night? Neither did I. Hah Biznatch.
by Cum-Chup August 09, 2005
The act of setting your eye on someone and working your game so you can go in for the pounce and get some play.
Ashley sniped that cute asian boy in the corner and ended up going home with him.
by mourningglory February 23, 2005
A verb used to denote a plethora of actions. Including, but not limited too: the completion of a desired action and/or swiping something from a friend. Snipe can also be used as a noun, but this usage should be avoided by all but the most experienced.
Dude why must you always snipe my seat when I go to the bathroom?
by Hoople February 22, 2004
n. a partially smoked cigarette that bums pull out of ashtrays.
I saw some bum scavaging snipes from the ashtray in front of the library.
by anonymous January 15, 2004

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