n. a partially smoked cigarette that bums pull out of ashtrays.
I saw some bum scavaging snipes from the ashtray in front of the library.
by anonymous January 15, 2004
'that's cool'
'GOTCHA'- but wayy cooler
"Snipe shirt!"

*pokes* "SNIPE" *runs away*

"Those sunglasses are fuckin SNIPE!"
by iNevErLikEdyoU March 01, 2008
A prank usually pulled in the woods where a gullable person is told to stand in the middle of the woods at night holding a bag with bread. When the snipe comes into the bag u beat it with a stick.
Hey you want to go snipe hunting?
-What is that
Whoa your telling me you never went snipe hunting
Well your in for a treat
by Zach8 March 15, 2007
To choose someone out of a large group of people, when the person is doing somthing unnoticeable, suck as chewing a piece of gum or whispering to someone.
Teacher: Jimmy Spit out that Gum

Jimmy: crap!

Other Kids: Sniped!!
by STL "CQ" February 27, 2007
A sniper, said for short. It can also be the verb "To snipe", as in to shoot with great precision using a heavy rifle that fires either 1 or 3 shots at a time. The rifle is equipped with a magnifier and a hair cross.
- Did you see that snipe who shot JFK?
- Today on Counter Strike, I sniped a whole bunch of n00bs.
by Ibrahim December 22, 2006
Prison term for a male inmate watching a female (or male ) officer while masturbating. The act can be obvious or more often than not on the sly.
Inmate X was placed in confinement after thinking he could snipe Officer A.
Inmate X is a known "sniper", you'd better watch your back!
by Sweetbabycorn September 14, 2006
a cabin at friend's camp in maine. often called "snipe club" or "penis cabin" (because when you rearrange the letters it spells penis)
Brita: "What cabin are you in this session?"
Austin: "Snipe again goddammit!"
by dispatch131xhd September 14, 2006
used as an exclamation to describe when someone commits a good scheist, Answers a tough question correctly in a timely manner, or when someone places a praticulary skillfull, deepcuting, well placed/though-out diss or insult upon someone else.

Often when being used to describe an insult it is exclamed after the insult in a pastense manner (sniped)
When Ken Jennings got a quite difficult question right one of the other contestants yelled "snipe!"
by Sconzo July 18, 2006
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