I strange method of walking, involving flailing your limbs as if you didn't have bones. (WARNING:MAY CAUSE INJURY)
Even Krasnan hurt himself doing it.
I saw Mexican's sniggl'n across the highway yesterday.

snigglen(the -ing version of sniggle, no, not sniggling)
by TheYahoo!CultBuilder November 18, 2003
a cigarette
Please hand me a sniggles
by Liz October 19, 2003
The name of a cat living in Chicago. Name as such, because I wanted to snuggle him and he would always wiggle away
Sniggle is a very happy cat.
by riotkitte November 09, 2006
who knows what it really means but allen does it alot.
by 1oops2 February 01, 2004
To sniggle means for a male or a female to perform sexual acts on oneself.
Steve, are you sniggling again?
by Meghan January 04, 2004
Another word for a cigarette
I would like to take a sniggle break.
Lets go sniggling together.
by Rusty Wallace June 20, 2006
to snort while laughing
It was so funny, I sniggled.
by bamaangel June 02, 2015

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