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a person who cant seem to spell anything right. "reassion" instead of "reason". a possible retard. might be semi-aborted.. may also look like a character from chicken run.
Oh you just totally rianiciaed that sentence.
by XjimmyX April 30, 2005
black lady armpits. used for a person who may/may not be black but has the characteristics of a fat black ladies armpits
Tracey has blarms, she can go suck on a yodel.
by XjimmyX April 30, 2005
something you may or may not be put on depending on the color of your skin. this sked-you-hule is an important piece of paper in the deli/pizza industry. if your boss is mustafa, you should just kiss your ass goodbye.
"Hi, Im here for the schedule"
"You are not on this sked-you-hule"
by XjimmyX April 30, 2005
flip flop wearing man. usually overweight, and sports that ever lovin' bowlcut. reads comics and steals your stuff. The acceptor of the rent check.
Lets not have sex in the shower, Domingos might think this is like the dorm in college.
by XjimmyX April 30, 2005
a genital part found on a male. usually small, but possibly big and bulbous. hairy and sticky when excited.
XscottX has a nice sniggle that I would love to place in my asshole.
by XjimmyX April 29, 2005
someone you wouldnt want to meet in a dark alley way. takes all the horrid sluts and fucks them. will do anything to make bitches come.
You just got sup'd by the pan, bitch.
by XjimmyX April 30, 2005
black mans penis. usually for a nice white girl
Tracey loves to take that yodel inside her.
by XjimmyX April 30, 2005

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