a manly giggle. a mixture of "snickering" and "giggling"
dom sniggles
by simoneeeeeeeeeeeeeee May 21, 2010
Like a snuggle, only so much better. <3
by typofishie June 20, 2009
a term used for homosexual's version of snuggling.
Josh and Lance like to sniggle after intercourse
by And Then I Got a Library Card. April 09, 2009
a cute way to say sniffle, like sad
Girl One: *Sniggle*
Girl Two: aw whats wrong?
by lex8oya January 05, 2009
an "elfish" cross between sneaky and finagle.
Quit tryin' to sniggle my weed bitch!
by Tori Stubbs January 04, 2008
Mountain Biker term sor single track. A narrow winding track that is sweeeet to ride.
Hey man, that ride was awsome! The sniggle was epic!
by Chris Schulz July 13, 2006
A sniggle sniggle's is to hug ( huggle ) snog and laugh ( giggle )
Hey babe lets have a sniggle.
by Daniel June 05, 2004
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