something humorous, often applied to situations whereby the subject matter is unaware of their stupidity
dom's appreciation for the music of 'my chemical romance' makes me sniggle
by w00fa December 23, 2006
The act of lying, or to lie
Mike, I really dont appreciate when you sniggle to me
by Sumwhut_damaged February 01, 2004
Ginger kids
Andrew: Carsons hair is so RED!
Conlin: What a sniggle
by Corndoggy18 August 25, 2009
2. An erratic, often dangerous means of transportation that involves stomping around while throwing one's body weight and balance in random directions and fashions. Official mode of transportation/fighting style of Kraznan military.
As I lay peacefully in the hammock, I turned to see Jimmy sniggling toward me, a deranged look upon his face.
by Silly Whitey November 08, 2003
A person who likes sniffing faces.
"Charles, you are the best sniggles ever.. you just sniffed the snish out of my face"
by Amanda Scarlett June 24, 2006
a genital part found on a male. usually small, but possibly big and bulbous. hairy and sticky when excited.
XscottX has a nice sniggle that I would love to place in my asshole.
by XjimmyX April 29, 2005
To sniggle means for a male or a female to perform sexual acts on oneself.
Steve, are you sniggling again?
by Meghan January 04, 2004

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