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Using a snickers bar as a dildo, usually as a last resort.
When her cactus thorns had worn out, Sally resorted to snickering.
by Viktorenox January 26, 2015
The act of dipping your shit covered dick in someone's coffee in order to make it taste both of wood and ass.
"Pete, my coffee tastes of wood and ass, have you been snickering again?"
by bamb00zle June 01, 2012
Snickering. The art of freezing a turd and upping yourself with it. Male or female. Make sure the snickering is completed before the turd thaws.

andrew snickered himself with his own muck
Andrew snickered himself with his own muck

fancy some snickering tonight love?
by mjrm November 10, 2013
To keep going on and on and on about something.
"Yo, i wish that mo'fucker Gromett would quit his snickering."
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