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A girl who is both drunk and high, and has become paranoid that she is being a bitch, when in fact, she sounds slightly crazy. She often will proclaim that she is "such a weed bitch," drawing much attention to herself. This term has no usage when the person is sober.

This term originated in the suburbs of New York City and has since spread rapidly.
Caroline took one hit and keeps calling herself a weed bitch!
by not a weed bitch March 07, 2011
The dude in the corner who always goes to cop, cleans the weed and rolls the joints and blunts or reloads the bowls. They must always keep rotation running if the circle isn't fortunate enough to have their own. If he or she fails in keeping their duties then the weed bitch gets an epic fail and must smoke an entire bong bowl to the head while maintaining their duties.
Smoker 1: "Dude, where's the joint?"
Smoker 2: "I ain't got it. Yo weed bitch, where'd the joint go?"
Weed Bitch: "I'm rollin' a new one right now bitches be patient!"
Everyone: "FAIL!!! Bong! Bong! Bong!"
by auriuman78 September 12, 2011

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