1. to search fruitlessly for an illusive trouser snake with one's hand
1. Carla sniggled for hours, but was unable to find Sam's junk.
by antipatches3030 January 08, 2004
To giggle in an immature but barely audible fashion at something.
As Prissy McStuffshirt strode across the cafeteria with blood-stained toilet paper stuck to her shoe, Ivy and Marie could do nothing but sniggle and point.
by Shawn B. November 28, 2003
1. A redneck term of mysterious origins. Possibly means either "sneak" or "violate." See also: snigglen
Grant, how'd y'all sniggle on back there?
by Silly Whitey November 08, 2003
A combination of shits and giggles
Dean: why did you burn down that orphanage?!?
David: sniggles bro
by 24hundred December 25, 2011
the act of sniggering yet giggling simultaneously.
I can't stop sniggling.
I sniggled when I saw the picture you posted on my wall because I found it humorous.
by ladybug100 December 06, 2010
Something that is a bad thing. Think opposite of snuggle.
My grades are soo sniggle in Derryberrys class.
by RandomScrandom September 03, 2010
When you are in the stage of flirting that comes right before snuggling and/or cuddling.
Person 1: Those two are sitting there on the couch right next to each other, with their shoulders touching, flirting like none other.
Person 2: Sniggle; that's what they're doing!
by zyx2213 August 01, 2010

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