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a manly giggle. a mixture of "snickering" and "giggling"
dom sniggles
by simoneeeeeeeeeeeeeee May 21, 2010
a term used for homosexual's version of snuggling.
Josh and Lance like to sniggle after intercourse
by And Then I Got a Library Card. April 09, 2009
1. a term used to refer to a small black negro, not to be confused with a sniglet,
2. an endearing term for a tarbaby
Gary Coleman

"that little sniggle just jacked my watermelon, bitch"

by Patrick Anderson May 01, 2008
1. To take something quickly when someone isn't looking; to steal. Typically something of low value.
2. To sneak and wiggle into a restricted area.
3. To achieve something intangible against all odds, such as stealing victory, through often humorous or unbelievable means.

1. "OMFG, did you just sniggle one of my french fries?"; or "He totally sniggled the last piece of pie out from under me!"

2. "My outdoors cat sniggled her way into our house through a hole in the ceiling, after she bounced off of a towel rack and a space heater, I don't have the heart to put her back out."

3. "I sniggled a victory in battlegrounds when everyone else mysteriously disconnected."

by chaosmastermind March 03, 2008
an "elfish" cross between sneaky and finagle.
Quit tryin' to sniggle my weed bitch!
by Tori Stubbs January 04, 2008
When you have one small ball and one big ball.
He has a sniggle in his pants.
by jonneyy June 25, 2007
(n)a word you use when someone is keeping a secret from you to make it sound like you have a secret too.

Lehms & Coz: we can't tell you our secret till 10:30pm okay?
Babz & Kait: SNIGGLE (see loook we have our own secret bitches)
by kait and babz May 07, 2006