The act of snuggling with smeone and gigling at the same time.
I had the best time with John last night, even though all we did was sit on the couch and sniggle.
by Divia October 10, 2007
When you have one small ball and one big ball.
He has a sniggle in his pants.
by jonneyy June 25, 2007
a form of silent laughter which usually involves the incompetence or awkwardness of an unliked individual
dom's appreciation for the music of 'my chemical romance' makes me sniggle
by w00fa January 03, 2007
To snigger and giggle at the same time.
- the word was created 20th June 2006 by Sarah Hunt, UK.
anon: "*pats *** on the head*"
anon: "uh.. in the clean way"
* anon2 sniggles
by Sarah Hunt June 20, 2006
A combination of "sniffle" and "giggle"
Paige Sniggled when she heard me say that
by Kavohn and Paige February 20, 2006
To engage in a method of eel fishing involving poking a baited hook into an eel's den.
My father died while trying to sniggle with his penis.
by SupremePower November 23, 2005
A cross between snigger and giggle... A snigger being a way to giggle rudely! So why not just smush those two words together? We did, and thats how we get "Sniggle."
Blah looked at Blahblah's fashion sense and gave a sniggle. What Blah didn't realize was that Blahblah was doing the exact same thing to her...
by RadioActiveRedhead September 11, 2005

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