something that is not just cool, but increadably cool.
Man this flash class is so snail.

I know this definition is also snail.
by Mike Geddes September 09, 2003
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When someone pretends to give you a fist bump but at the last moment goes under and sticks out two fingers, making a snail. One person's fist is the shell and other person's hand makes up the body, with the fingers as the eye stalks.
Trying to snail Maya, Jay accidentally poked her left breast instead.
#snail #awkward turtle #fist bump #pound it #pound
by yellowJZ November 01, 2009
umm...a mullesk with a shell that slides very slowly?
really, that's really what aa snail is! not what these other people told you
#a #snail #is #too #powerful
by letusbeus December 06, 2006
Students Not Actually In Law School
It's exam-time and the library is once again full of SNAILS. I can't get a fucking seat anywhere!
#students #not #actually #in #law #school
by Dal2010 April 11, 2010
Smart and social animal. They like to eat jellyfish and dinosaurs. Snails live in big houses with gardens. Sometimes their house is set near a waterpool but as it is quite dangerous, not many settle there. One day the snails will rule the world, but not tomorrow because tomorrow is moving day. French also like to eat snails.
Oh look at that enormous snail! He is so superior and impressive! I'm going to buy him some dinosaur nuggets.
#escargot #slag #cochlea #dross #chuck norrises brother
by snailfear April 17, 2011
An attractive girl who is interested in having sex at any given time. A hot version of a skank.

Reason: Girls get wet and leave snail trails... ie: they are "snails."
"jonny you need to get to this party asap, it's crawling with snails"

"man you should've seen this snail. she gave me a throbbing blue steel the cat wouldn't scratch. i was about to fold her in half squishy side out right there at the library."
#girl #skank #ho #hot chick #good time girl #bj queen
by e bear December 19, 2008
A mix of snow, rain and hail.
Man, I just got caught in a snail storm. Totally bogus!
#snail #storm #snow #hail #rain
by Fishtail March 26, 2008
A turbocharger, named so because of its similarity in appearance to a snail's circular shell.
that snail is laggy piece of shit
by Dirk August 28, 2004
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