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3 definitions by yellowJZ

When your chat client's status "now playing" function announces to the world you're watching porn.
Jay's status was changed to "Backyard Sluts 9 - Japanese School Girls Get Taught A Lesson - iTunes"
Maya Patel: O______O
Jas Wong: WTF!!
Tiffany : I don't think we should be friends anymore.
Charles Cow: Dude, status malfunction...
by yellowJZ November 01, 2009
When someone pretends to give you a fist bump but at the last moment goes under and sticks out two fingers, making a snail. One person's fist is the shell and other person's hand makes up the body, with the fingers as the eye stalks.
Trying to snail Maya, Jay accidentally poked her left breast instead.
by yellowJZ November 01, 2009
When one person or the other orgasms but not both.

i.e (i ∨ u) ∧ ~(i ∧ u)
While having sex with a girl from his computer science class, Jay had an xorgasm, resulting in utter disappointment.
by yellowJZ November 01, 2009