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Another word used for owning someone, or just being annoying. Must be used as a verb.
*Playing skate 2*

Choruead: Awh sick I got 12,337 points!

Michael: HA! I just got 12,338 points! You just got SNAILED!!!
by xHARMONICOREx January 16, 2011
0 4
the underparts of a lady, so called because of the similar view of a snail retreating from attack into it's shell.
Camilla: Hey Charles, did you see Sharon Stone's snail just then,

Charles: Why yes i did my dearest wife, and it was shit.
by BigFatSquirrel July 15, 2009
5 9
v. (used for women) to be so sexually stimulated by the thought/sight/scent of a potential sexual partner that the loins become moist enough to leave a trail similar to that of a snail on the chair
She was snailing for the hockey player in her class; she damn near slipped off her seat.
by SinoDave May 14, 2007
9 16
To take ones scrotum and slide it along a girls body, usually her face, leaving a trail of sweat.
I wnt to snail my girl, but last time i tried, she said, "I'm not really comfortable with this,". So i put my balls in her mouth to shut her up!
by BH Steamer September 25, 2006
21 28
History: Began as an accidental mix of slamming and nailing when one could not decide which word to use.

The act of brutally punting/bashing/slamming/nailing another.
That hoebag wouldn't stop complaining, i was about to snail her.
by yomeghenrysup May 16, 2008
5 13
a guy who can mount and slo-fuck a woman vaginally, without cumming himself, forever
That snail can get it on and hump her forever without cumming 'til dawn.
by Jake March 09, 2004
11 19
Someone you would have sexual intercourse with but not brag about
You see the girl over there, shes not that good looking, but shes a snail
by Biff Winton November 27, 2007
4 14