To eat out a pussy then leaving left over vaginal mucus, a girl will rub her pussy along your body leaving a trail of "slime" similar to a snail.
BRO- my girlfriend did the snail on me last night it was totally tubular

chick- omg id totally snail brad pitt
by thesnailmaster May 07, 2012
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When one is late for an appointment or meeting. Or someone who is just generically slow in doing anything.
"You snail! You're always late!"

"Could you eat a lil faster? You're such a snail!"
by Sexehhh January 02, 2009
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(from snail mail)

(v.) to send (a letter, card, or package) via physical mail; to mail or post (a tangible object) using a postal service. Bills and junk mail are perhaps the most common items snailed, but people snail personal letters and items as well.
I snailed my aunt a CD of Richard Clayderman, her favorite pianist.
by Grinning Cat December 26, 2010
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When you take your penis, wrap it around your testicles, and then draw the tip out to the side, thus creating the snail's body with your penis and the shell is represented by the testicles.

Only looks good if you have an Elephant Trunk.
"Dude, Anthony... show us the snail, man!"
by Underground Boy October 10, 2004
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Man, you can't find a single seat in library because of all the SNAILS....
Dude, I hate SNAILS!
Me too.
by Van10001 December 09, 2008
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To take ones scrotum and slide it along a girls body, usually her face, leaving a trail of sweat.
I wnt to snail my girl, but last time i tried, she said, "I'm not really comfortable with this,". So i put my balls in her mouth to shut her up!
by BH Steamer September 25, 2006
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When you pre cum in your undies leaving a snail slime like mess
'OMG he's so hot he made me snail'
by Benbo swaggings June 11, 2016
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