When a smurf sneaks up on you and bites you on you're neck.
That's how you get smurfed.
Johnny got smurfed yesterday while trotting through the wilderness.
by rockstar12345678 March 28, 2011
To loot a body before it even hits the ground.
"Damn, he smurfed the hell out of that cultist's body."
by GsoRob August 01, 2009
smurfed, to get laid. smurf, slang to get fucked, or fuck. smurf, hell. smurf, shit. smurfing, to be in the act of sex. smurfel, act of being choked. smurf, penis. smurf, those little blue guys on cartoons.
Ah man, last night me and Smurfet went to the smurfing parking lot, and she smurfed me right there. No smurfing smurf. So we went back to her place to smurf, and she started smurfing my smurf. Man its great to be a smurf. Smurf Yeah!
by mike October 14, 2003
To ejaculate in ones hair therefore creating a little smurf's hat. It should be white. If it comes out Papa Smurf colour, see a doctor.
Whilst enjoying fellatio my new spouse esposed a fetish for semen in her hair. So I smurfed her.
by kevin forever May 25, 2006
To be owned.
You got smurfed!
by The Q September 12, 2003
Being owned by a smurf in a multiplayable online game.
Johny33: OMG! I got owned by a smurf with a 0-0 record!
YouRGramma: You got smurfed
Johny33: OMG! Blizzard better do something about this shit!
by Anonymous August 22, 2003
the feeling of being so drunk or high everything you see is blue !
last nught id drank so much i was smurfed !
by hulmie November 29, 2007

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