When an attractive girl sends you all the signals that will make you think that you totally and absolutely will sleep with her that night and it never happens for no definitive reason, resulting in the condition known as blue balls.
Guy 1: Dude, I'm totally making out with this chick at the bar. I am so taking her home!
Guy 2: Awesome!
2 minutes later...
Guy 1: The chick just left! I thought she was gonna sleep with me!
Guy 2: Sorry dude, you just got smurfed!
by Tongman December 26, 2013
When you are having sexual intercourse doggy style in a port-a-potty and as your ready to climax you shove the girls face in the blue solution in the bottom of the toilet causing her whole face to turn blue.
We were hooking up in the port-a-potty and i smurfed her.
by HMK715 June 01, 2012
To be High and Drunk at the same time. In other words, Twisted, but in an excess amount. You get Smurfed by drinking and getting high more than the normal amount. Being Smurfed can lead to righteous partying and having the best time of your life.
Last night i was so smurfed i cant remember what i did

Yo, im trying to get smurfed tonight
by Indestructable Byrdman January 27, 2011
When a girl does something to you sexual
Yesterday, my girlfriend totally smurfed me.
by KrashIsAJerk July 26, 2011
(verb) When a woman chokes or gags (turns blue) on semen or a penis while performing oral sex.
The forensics report came back, and it doesn't look pretty... Apparently her pimp smoked too much PCP and smurfed the poor bitch to death.
by verberator July 18, 2010
when a smurf ejaculates his red semen all over you
that smurf just smurfed me in the ass bro!
by frankie smokes weed March 10, 2010
When someone eats something blue, (such as an icy), you say they are smurfed because it looks like they sucked off papa smurf because their mouth is all blue.
John:(eating his blue pop lolli pop) says mmm this is so good!

Dave: yo' man.. your smurfed
by dangerous catch w/o the crabs November 03, 2008
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