Pussies Per Attempt. An acronym couched in sports terminology that describes one's success in copulating with females. Expressed as the number of successfully bedded women versus the total number of nights spent bar or club hopping.
Team Member #1: I want to see some completions tonight, guys. Let's get those PPAs up.
Team Member #2: I'm at 2 for 6 on the year. I need a confidence booster.
Team Member #3: Two eligible receivers at the bar, but I don't think they're winning any awards in the 40 yard dash.
by Potato Selfie February 22, 2014
acronym for (Pill Popping Animal)

Phrase coined in Brooklyn NY. Around the advent of the return market for the designer drug "Molly" a capusle consisting of MDMA, usually in a powder or crystal form.

Defines a whole generation of widespread drug abuse, both narcotic and pharmasudical
Mario's rollin' off his fourth Molly and his second jaw, he's a PPA

Don't you think it's a little strange, first comes back techno, dubstep moves in. Ecstasy becomes in high demand. Where did "Molly" come from? MDMA has been around forever. Fancy new name and a whole new generation of PPA Not to mention all the co-dependant perscription PPA across this great country of ours!
by James Kennedies December 03, 2013
P.P.A stands for "Potential Pigeon Alert".

Its a term used to describe a girl that exhibits pigeon-like tendencies but you cannot definitively label her a pigeon without seeing more of her in action
Newton: "I just bought this girl 5 straight rounds of shots at the bar"

Jenny: "Did she offer a buy-back?"

Newton: "Nope"

Jenny: "P.P.A"
by The Guy at Macquarie December 11, 2009
Pussy Pumping Action.

The action during sexual intercourse where the vagina creates an airtight seal around the penis (or big fat dildo) and the cock is rammed in and out to pump the vag full of air.
Alright lads, i got some PPA last night round that bitches house
by dlg November 05, 2004
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