Deliciously golden, a god on earth, to be worshipped by all non bronzers.
I am worshipped, because i am so bronze.
by mumblers. August 07, 2010
1. a feeling of exceptional happiness; to feel good about ones self.
2. to like something immensely; to think highly of something or someone.
3. a different feeling than the general sense of happiness.
a. I am bronze.
b. That is bronze.
c. That hat is so bronze.
by kimberrome December 27, 2007
A person who always comes third.
Im a such a bronze, even my girlfriend's cell phone comes number two before me.
by J Metz April 18, 2009
to have an inflated sense of self worth i.e. He thinks he is gold but he is really bronze
He is the bronze

he is so bronze
by skyland June 14, 2007
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