To cancel on someone at the last moment, often without notice
I can't be bothered to go tonight, I'm just going to Smitty this one out.
by DaveOUK November 17, 2008
Top Definition
A smitty is a retarted, male squirrel that rapes small, innocent female babies. Smitties are about 5 boners long and are dark brown with glowing purple eyes. When they turn 16 days old they grow wings that come out of each ass cheek to help them fly short distances. They have tails about 3 boners long and is used as a second penis in some cases, for a smitty's tail may also become erect. A smitty's habitat consists of one dark, deep, moist, wide, spacious vagaina. These traits of the vagaina are necessary in order to a smitty to be able to live to its full potential. Smitty's only come out of their homes between the hours of 2-5 in the afternoon. Every smitty carries its own special type of STD called rapies. If you get raped by a smitty chances are they will pass this disease on to you and you will die within 48 hours. Even though all smitties are male they each make two babies. The babies, in order to survive, need to be breast fed by human, female breasts ranging from a C to a high D. If they do not get their milk they will puke blood and poop intestines inside their hom and the host of the vagaina of the smitties will most likely die. Smitties live about 3 months long. When they die they are reincarnated into a Pakastanian terrorist who dreams of world domination. Where do you think Sadam Hussein came from?
Damn, did you just see that smitty fly towards town!?
by MASTER-M-DAWG February 10, 2011
Smitty is also used for a nickname to call someone with the last name of Smith. Usually a male of the smith family.

Mr. Smith says: Hey neighbor how ya doing today?
Neighbor say: Not bad Smitty. You?
by SmittyB. November 08, 2006
Nickname for someone with the last name Smith.
Some guy: Hey, Smitty.

Smitty: Hey, some guy.
by Tim Jerome March 18, 2008
short Tall Smitties

Small Titties

Hakoh: Yo, that girl got a big ass

Jackson: yea, but she got some smitties
by Hakoh July 27, 2008
The greatest snowboard,wakeboard,and skateboard shop in Rhode Island. They have the best customer service and everyone there knows what they are talking about.
smitty's sells wakeboards,skateboards,snowboards,skate shoes,clothing,outerwear, ect.
by ********************** May 22, 2006
Slang name for the 1st or 2nd mate on a pirate ship.
Arrr Smitty, bring da slaves to da deck before they walk the plank. ARRRRR! (Yo Ho, Yo Ho)
by Pirate1234 February 07, 2011
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