used to refer to a student who has a strong sexual attraction to his teacher

also someone who tries to masturbate in class
Bob: "Why were you jerking off in class?"

Erik: " Because the teacher is hot!"

Bob: "You're such a smitty!"
by ub3rpwn3d January 21, 2009
dirty slut
often associated with std's and sti's
a whore not worth being paid
that smitty topped off bob, rik & jerry on the same nyte
by GiGi Mink September 18, 2010
Fucked upppppppp
Yo, lets get smitty and go skinny-dipping in the bathtub.

I'm pretty fucking smitty right now.
by Tooly McToolerson July 19, 2010
Saying or doing something that makes a person look stupid or foolish. Can be used as an adjective or a noun.
"Man I just pulled a smitty when I tried talking to that girl!" or "That was a smitty move when you gave her your number."
by Hamzah August 04, 2005
Shocked; In Awe; Starstruck
" Girl, them boys was smitty when we was walkin down the street"

"My mama is so smitty over her new boyfriend"
by band_geek May 05, 2009
'smitty': offspin breed of the 'Bogan' usually found in areas north of adelaide south australia. smittys drive holden kingswoods and only smoke 16 milligram cigarettes and ALWAYS have a can of VB in thier hand. Clad in tight jeans & 'bluey' singlet... love harleys and cant afford one
"hey Thommo, hows it going?.. heard ya mum is going out with a smitty"

"some dude did a burnout on my front lawn last night, must have been a smitty"
by king knobber May 31, 2005
v. To be sarcastic or smart with someone, to degrade their intellect with an unpleasant attitude.
Bob: Aren't you the brightest bulb in the box?
Sue: Don't you be smitty with me bitch!
by BillyBobJoeJimBobJoe July 29, 2005

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