Saggy Man Titties.

A.K.A. Moobs (Man Boobs)
Her boyfriend had smitties with hairy moles on them. She preferred that he kept his shirt on while they engaged in sexual intercourse because his smitties made her tiny titties look like pimples.
by jemenoki September 13, 2013
The plural acronym for the phrase "See Me In Ten Years" pertaining to young women used by (legal) older males when they would like to engage in sexual intercourse or sexual acts of any kind.
"Bro, check out that group of smitties over there."
"Yeah bro! We could totally dominate those smitties!"
by SmithySmith August 03, 2008
A submitter of content to a website (mainly who is obviously retarded.
Smitty thought "spork" was a compound word and not a portmanteau.
by tototototoad April 28, 2010
The most American title a Smith can be bestowed. This was created when a certain sect of the Smith family that formed in the early 1900s after an extremely American boy was born to an extremely American family. He had many children, the oldest of which passed on this nickname of Americanness and passed it down to his son, who had earned the title at only fourteen. Many claim this title, but there is only one Smitty family.
Andre: Wow, Smitty's so American. He does things normal people find fucked up and isn't afraid of admitting it.
by TheDanzanator March 26, 2010
A make-shift home or abandoned house, usually used for smoking crack, shooting heroin, and prostitution.
I took the trick back to the smitty to get high.
by Bugg, RVA November 19, 2009
When you do somthing dumb and now You got the shit face.
it also means if you were to get embarrassed!
If you see a boy in the hallway and he was to fall down the stairs you would say "ooooo Smitty!"

If a boy ask a girl for her number and she say no then the boy gone be looking "Smitty."
by through witit September 29, 2009
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