To describe a male who is of Homosexual Nature
Hey those Gaylords are acting like a bunch of Smithers again Sir.
by Brother Number One November 06, 2003
Top Definition
Waylon Smithers, Mr. Burns' assistant (see The Simpsons). Extremely sycophantic towards Burns despite his abuse, and obviously gay, though he never openly admits it.
My dad had this guy working at his office that was such a Waylon Smithers
by LudwigVan August 10, 2004
The gayest man alive. Will someday marry Mr Burns
Mr Burns: *jumps out of a cake, with nothing but a banner on* Happy Birthday, Mr. smithers!

Smither:*gayly* Mmmmmmmmmm
by Someone August 08, 2004
A kiss-ass, employee who brown-noses the boss. Named after Waylon Smithers on the Simpsons.
Sebastien bought our boss an expensive Christmas present again this year. What a Smithers!
by JoelR July 06, 2010
To forcefully smash two objects together until they form into one.
"Damn Jordan it sure was impressive how you smithered those berries together."
by Jaw2409 September 03, 2016
the skin directly around one's butthole
may be pinkish or brownish - usually characterized by greater sensitivity than surrounding skin
dude - i totally saw tim's brown smither!
by modok January 26, 2007
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