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black guy put in a movie in order to please the black community and give of the imporession of racial acceptance
by labatt June 29, 2003
mr burns gay ASSistant
by labatt June 23, 2003
beer belly
The boys are headin' down to the bar to work on their molson muscles.
by labatt March 27, 2004
Is the best sport sedan out as said by EVERY automagazine contrary to what some bud lite drunks think. It beat the M5, an Audi, and a Jaguar. It goes 0-60 as fast as some ferraris like the 355 spider(in 4.6 sec.), and has more horsepower than ANY Bimmer out. It does not need a manual because it goes crazy fast with an auto and will go even faster with a seven speed. it also is worth the money is costs with genuine wood trim lots o leg room and other Mercedes specialties, in other words EVERYTHING you need!
The E55 is the fastest sedan out right now, and is the REAL ultamate driving machine
by labatt July 04, 2003

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