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1.A disorder used to describe a filmer who turns the camera away from the event and films him self talking about the event that is happening.

1.A disorder used to describe a stunt man/women who over acts or is "melodramatic" when he/she is performing a stunt.
1.Roy:turns camera away from fight there is a fight going on, were down at the skate park, as you can see I'm wearing ect...
Ben:Dude, c'mon dude point the camera the fight man, no one wants to hear what your wearing you Smith Syndrome having mother fucker.

2.Roy:gets hit with stick owww, owww, owww man fuck, owww god that hurts, owww fuck.
Ben:Are you gonna shut up or are you gonna keep bitching
Roy:Dude that was insane
Roy:Dude your suffering from Smith Syndrome bro.
by Funk Master Steven January 13, 2006
Lack of attempting new tricks on a skateboard. Very common in new skaters, and skaters after an injury.
He hasn't landed a kickflip yet, maybe he has SMITH SYNDROME.
by berrace April 22, 2010
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