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When someone looks concerned at all times.
girl 1: "Why does Jessica look so worried all the time?"

girl 2: "She's not worried, she just has Jaden Smith Syndrome."

girl 1: "Oh. What a bitch."
by tastytacofridaysinmyass May 28, 2014
Farting really loud by an asian person
i think ill go down to panda express and drop an atomic bomb
by tastytacofridaysinmyass September 28, 2011
A person that regularly talks about cats, and has the power to make anything cool sound totally fucken gay if he says it. he also interupts other peoples conversations just so he can say a stupid ass joke that sucks dick. for more information on this person, type "ass carrot" in urban dictionary.
guy 1: did u hear mw3 is coming out tonight? Guy 2: yeah. im gonna go grab it tonight. i got it preordered. aaron: i dont like call of duty, i like portal, especially chapter 10 in the game, because it reminds me of my cat. guy 1: shut the fuck up, dick breath.
by tastytacofridaysinmyass November 07, 2011

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