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a new form of insult or phrase to express anger or surprise.
This test is gonna be dicktits.

shut up dicktits
by nutshak February 24, 2009
Modification of legendary. said when something is going to be awesome, or outrageously sweet. Because lezbians are good.
This is gonna be lezbiandary!
by nutshak February 28, 2009
Shorter term for female genitalia.
I reached her vaginatals last night.
by nutshak March 01, 2009
To think up something original or have a new, cool idea that signifies independance, or to agree with or acknowledge something of someone else.
eg. 1:

Friend 1: hey man today's gonna be dicktits.

Friend 2: Ora-ginal.

eg. 2:

Friend 1: Dude your a freekin sexslut.

Friend 2: The hell does that mean?

Friend 1: dunno.

Friend 2: Ora-ginal.
by nutshak February 24, 2009
The word describing offense to rape. Used when someone makes fun of, or jokes about rape. Closely related to Racism.
Ha ha she's getting raped!

That's Rapism.
by nutshak March 06, 2009
The combination of slut and cunt. For that person you just really really don't like.
Omg that fucking Slunt!
by nutshak May 17, 2009
A Stalker who follows young children. Combination of stalker and pedophile.
Young Girl: That man is following me!

Adult: mm. He must be a stalkaphile.
by nutshak March 15, 2009

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