Another synonym for the whore.

A mix of slut and cunt.
She just made out with my boyfriend. What a slunt!
by rachel May 06, 2005
A mix between the words cunt and slut. Oftenly used when referring to an ex-girlfriend. It's usually used when a girlfriend cheats on their boyfriend and all his friends call her a slunt. There is no positive way to use this word.
Person 1: "Dude, she totally cheated on me...we're done!"

Person 2: "Wow man, she's such a slunt!"
by prillmarie April 01, 2009
slut and cunt
That dirty girl is a slunt.
He only likes slunts.
by Daddyyyy<3333 May 05, 2010
A pejorative word for a female who is rude, socially intolerable, or overly-sexually promiscuous; the combination of the words "slut" and "cunt". It also provides a convenient sidestepping of two more offensive words, being more socially acceptable, yet saturated with unmistakable traces of profanity.
"I hate that girl"
"I know she's such a".
by themuffinman86 December 07, 2010
1. a huge slut who is also a dirty cunt at the same time.

2. A girl who is so dirty and disgusting you dont even wanna waste your breath on her.

3. Jessica, Emily, Becca, Abbey, Sara
1. Wow look at her outfit she is seriously wearing nothing, she looks disgsuting, what a slunt. I'd like to curbstomp her.

2. Holy shit, what a .... slunt!

3. Those girls are suck huge slunts they should make a group, everybody hates them anyways.
by yoursogay August 09, 2009
1. An incredibly offensive word for a woman which combines the words "cunt" and "slut". Use it on someone if a. they don't know what it is and lack the braincells to work it out or b. you really do feel like getting slapped a few times.

2. An incredibly awful "rock" band that sold records due more because of the talentless lead singer and bassist than any musical talent of any kind.
1. God...Jenny is such a slunt!


a. Hey anyone know what happened to that band Slunt?

Oh yeah, we all don't care after we had the lead singer's breasts thrust into our faces about a thousand times to cover up her lack of talent.

b. Wow, Slunt suck so much they don't even have a Wikipedia entry.
by Metalhead For Life November 07, 2006
A slunt is a portmanteau of the words Slut and Cunt used to describe a person (not exclusively a woman) who is both promiscuous and an asshole.
--Hey, did you hear how Becky punched those babies after she fucked the football team?
--Aw man, what a slunt!
by CleverDeviation November 16, 2012
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