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1. (n.) reflexive of cuntslut.
2. (n.) a prostitute's uncleaned vagina, or for the more colorful imagination, a horny hooker's putrid pussy.
3. (n.) a disreputable or deplorable person.
1. How DARE you call me a slutcunt, you cuntslut!
2. Sorry about the smell of my slutcunt - one moment while I douche.
3. Oh, go stick it up your slutcunt, ya slutcunt!
by Robert E. Porter August 23, 2007
A "SlutCunt" is made up by combining both words "slut and "cunt." A slutcunt is a girl who is a complete whore. she has no self-resepct and she gets drunk all the time and sleeps with random men she doesn't/barely knows OR she sleeps with a group of guys who are all friends....a slutcunt doesn't know shes a slutcunt because she is in denial.
john: Hey, there's a party tonight at joes.
luke: SWEET! i hope theres a few slutcunts there cause i need to get laid.
by johnnyboyjay July 10, 2008
A name for a girl your boyfriend/fiance/husband cheated on you with.
eww lonnie P is the biggest slut cunt ever i cant belive anybody would even hit that fatass
Yo samm Q is an obease midget how did she get laid
by XdahmerX December 24, 2010

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