slunt - a cross between a slut and a cunt.
You are a dirty slunt
by Anonymous January 21, 2003
A person (father/dad) that has a low sample of sperm. There for, creating a kid that has learning difficulties and problems communicating with other people.
That kid is the biggest slunt i've ever seen. He doesn't even know his lefts and rights.
by Cockatoo Nathan October 05, 2008
A Slug and a Grunt. When something is so physically exerting it requires a slug and a grunt.
That was a slunt of a bike ride
by rnelson May 08, 2008
so its either a slutty cunt r a cunty slut?
wen a slut is bein a cunt,they r a " slunt ".... r wen some1 who is a cunt starts bein a slut as well,.. evry1 knows at least 1,!... yeah im tlkin 2, u an yeah ya do
by king.nothing August 25, 2007
A mix of a slut and cunt, the worse kind of woman out there
That slunt sucked 37 dicks while we were going out and then gave me an STD.
by Anonymous April 18, 2003
one who is in love with sloths and is quite the cunt at times.
Beth is a slunt who lives in milford.
by Derek Mossey April 24, 2005
A band front by the sexellent Abby Gennet and features the also sexelletnt Jenny Gunns.
Slunt kicks ass on the poppy fresh teeny boppers.
by Adam December 03, 2004

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