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a cock that is more than 13 inches long
wow parker, your fernie is AMAZING!
by sSTUu January 20, 2009
A guy with NOOOO chill whatsoever. Known as the Desert King.
Ex. "Damn Fernie, you got noooooo chill."
by stefany September 18, 2014
1. A hole that isn't actually a hole, not as big of a whole as Sparwood, and Elkford isnt big enough to be defined as a hole, more a dip.
2. Amazing in the winter due to drunk Aussies that come for skiing.
Fernie is a hole!
Fernie is a hole full of aussies in the winter!
by Iliveintheholefernie October 30, 2008
The biggest hole(except Sparwood) in British Columbia
I can't wait to get the hell out of Fernie, B.C.
by Veya February 17, 2008
Brittinie's love
An eternal love for Brittinie
A love sesh
A cuddle party for two
Brittinie love's Fernie
by fernie May 10, 2006
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