a quaint combination of the words "slut" and "cunt".
would you look at that britney... what a SLUNT!
by bigbadjoe November 07, 2007
When a women is a slut and a cunt
A slunt is a women that fucks around sexually with other people then the one she is committed to.
by bigvig42982 July 24, 2007
A combination of slut and cunt. Two words that really piss off women, and yet they revel in being both at times when it suits their needs and purpose.
After sleeping with my friends, and dumping me when my mom died, Angie turned out to be a real slunt.
by Steven M. SykeS July 25, 2006
An even mixture of being a slut and a cunt
My ex-girlfriend not only fucks every guy she sees, but she acts like a bitch about it, too! What a fucking slunt!
by -=sKurVy=- August 25, 2003
1. a male slut
2. a friendly and congenial term used between male friends
Dude, that guy screws around with every girl I know. What a slunt!

by gdawg116 August 28, 2008
1. Offensive term that is a combination of slut and cunt; a slutty cunt.

2. Collective ice crystals that form on and coat frozen objects.
1. Dude that cake eating chick in the freezer is a total slunt.

2. Dude that chick in the freezer is eating a cake covered in slunt.
by Richard Tracy June 08, 2007
A female that is not only a slut but a fucking cunt also...fucks everybody in town and is a bitch while at it
Damn Larry, your girl is a slunt. Not only has she fucked everybody in town but she is a freaking biznotch too!
by AndyLarry August 29, 2005

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