a slunt is a mix breed of 2 hybrids such as a ckunt and a szlut nawwmmeeannn fa sheezy mayung
avik is a slunt cuz he like to suk jack's cock nigggaaa bulep bulep bulep bulep
by buleepp November 30, 2007
Pretty much every fuckhead who listens to modern music or who watches TV, or who sells this shit to others.
Damn! Tom Brokaw is such a slunt.
by JC February 17, 2004
A promiscuous and annoying female who has the privilege of being both a 'Slut' and a 'Cunt'. The word is common slang in the Glengarry area of perth.
Kure: Damn! Yarnsy you see that bitch over there? She's hot as fuck bro!

Yarns: Yeah hot as bro, bet she's a fuckin Slunt but

Kure: Yeah ay
by Yarns March 24, 2016
A slutty cunt. Perfect description for that bitch in high school who won't date you.
Aileen is a huge Slunt. Dating everyone else and acting innocent. I hope the whore gets herpes
by Gwyndolin November 11, 2015
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