Can be defined in several ways, each meant to be more derogatory than either "slut" or "cunt." Use your imagination !!
Man, I smell a slunt !
by Johnny Chingas May 02, 2004
A Kick-Ass Rock & Roll band from N.Y.C.
"I saw SLUNT last night and they ROCKED!!!
by a fan April 07, 2003
Combination "Slut" and "Cunt"
The worst of the worst regarding the modern day man or woman.
A philanderer who also upholds a negative and off color re pour with others
After I shagged the slunt, she stole my wallet
by zack krone September 10, 2008
A compound word consisting of slut and cunt, used to describe a whore-like, trampish, cum dumpster, who makes sport of cruelty, and savage inhumanities.
Katie is a slunt. I hope she dies a horrible death.
by The plinthist August 14, 2008
excessively bermed mountain bike in Fernie , British Columbia, smooth flowing singletrack, flawlessly constructed,
That was the sluntiest trail I've rode in a long time
by burn master November 17, 2007
A woman who is particularly bitchy. She likes to give it up and she's a real C. U. Next Tuesday.
"Hey you stupid slunt!"
by Your Mom and Your Mom November 13, 2007
a quaint combination of the words "slut" and "cunt".
would you look at that britney... what a SLUNT!
by bigbadjoe November 07, 2007
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