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A car street race where the winner takes the opponents car. aslo know as racing for pink slips
"yeah its on.... we racin for slips"
"where did u get these wheels?"
"Gotem Racin Chick-o For Slips!"
#pink slips #slipz #slip #pinks #slip race
by Xmaster Arson December 22, 2005
A displeasant, unruly, untrustworthy, untruthful person of german or nazi decent.
My science teahcer, is such a slip.
#whore #german #nazi #nice #unracist
by Stephan Armstong February 22, 2009
1. When a person makes the mistake of not staying alert or focused, and as a result they lose out. 2. When something happens and a person is unaware of what happened.
Man, if you slip you gonna lose all yo money.
#snooze #sleep #slipped #slow #slept
by T. Grissom August 04, 2006
Abbreviation for a pay slip.
Skint for the weekend, wish my slip would come a week earlier.
#pay slip #wage #pay #cash #wages
by acab1312 November 11, 2011
a term for shoes. Preferably sneakers or slip-on shoes.
went to West 49 to pick me up some new slips.
#slips sneakers slip-on shoes #garment #unclothe #tog #garb
by spookyteddy November 21, 2009
Complete, uncontrollable diarreah usually caused by hot and spicy foods. The feeling you get when you need that toilet as soon as possible.
I just ate those blazin' wings and it's only a matter of time before I get the slips again.
#diarreah #mud butt #squirts #poop #deuce
by Rusty Tallywhacker August 18, 2013
A relapse on alcohol or drugs, usually short in duration with minimal harm done. Contrasted with doing some homework.
"Oh, it just was a little slip, but now I'm going to meetings everyday and working a strong program."
by Twelve-Step slang November 07, 2004
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