to inflict shame or grief upon one's self by accident.
Bambi tried to dis' Amit, but he slipped himself.
by Ted March 12, 2003
When you go off or leave one set of friends for another
she was with me all day an now theyve come along shes fucked off, little slip.
by hotass March 14, 2005
The entrance of the GUTTA
Chocolate man 1:"That hoodrats slip GUTTA is being blocked by a chocolate stick

Krakk head: "Dats me"
Slip(noun) a slutty girl
To Slip (verb) to have sex to sleep with someone of the other sex
She is such a slip, everyone knows she slips with everyone she knows.
by slipper03 April 14, 2009
Straight, cool, sick, class, nasty, fly.
You see that dolphins' comeback, that shit was slip.

Jordan has that new slip Charger.

Damn, your tape's slip, you went to uptowns?
by Christian W April 12, 2009
1. A universal word, with multiple meanings; something that is the shit.
2. Any kind of drug or alcohol; weed.
3. A pottery adhesive, used to attach two or more items together. Made of dried clay and water.
-Man that is the slip.
-You got that slip?
-Cross hatch (slicing diagonal lines on the areas that you are connecting together) and slip to attach that together.
by Chet Mufflebush October 20, 2004
1)A relapse on alcohol or drugs, usually short in duration with minimal harm done.
2)To insert ones penis into anothers vagina or to engage in sexual intercousrse.
2)Ryan slipped Sarah after the party last night.
by S.S.C June 26, 2005
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