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When one is going to sleep and they are chatting online.
1:imma slip
2:lates man
by chandaaznman October 06, 2010
23 25
A relapse on alcohol or drugs, usually short in duration with minimal harm done. Contrasted with doing some homework.
"Oh, it just was a little slip, but now I'm going to meetings everyday and working a strong program."
by Twelve-Step slang November 07, 2004
57 62
Sweaty lips. Labia with little or no ventilation will result in slips.
Judging by her wet crotch, I'd say she has slips.
by Corey March 24, 2003
8 16
A game where each opponent must place his own penis in to his anus to score points, often played to five. Also know as 'Rim King' as in "I am the Rim King!"
"Fancy a game of slips mate?" "Nah I had a lenghty 0-0 draw lastnight!"
by Bohem August 09, 2007
9 19
A short individual who thinks he's a little teapot.
Slip is short, pass it on...
You're not even 2 slips tall!
by rayzam November 22, 2004
82 95
Wavy Af. Bigg Soft Ass Lips. Should me a Model. Always protects his stick! Can swim on a travel team. Best basket ball form ever. Plays basketball in running shoes. Cute Af x10
Guy1: What do you want to be when you grow up

Guy2: Slip X10
by Team Wavys March 03, 2011
6 24
to inflict shame or grief upon one's self by accident.
Bambi tried to dis' Amit, but he slipped himself.
by Ted March 12, 2003
6 34