this word can also be used in place of the word heatscore
that sure was some sketchy driving when you almost hit that cop.

that guy is so sketchy he's been selling cheese right under the cop's noses.
by CurvedMirror July 10, 2008
when you and your friends take cabs home ion the middle of the night from some guy's house and DON'T GET CAUGHT!
girl: yeah those kids are sketchy as hell did you hear they slept in a tent sat in some one's back yard with those guys.
by siojesschinskikitkatkk May 02, 2007
Sketchy comes from skateboarding when somebody lands a trick bad and mabye wobble or weave about, some other meanings are simalar when someone is doing something not right or not well
1) That skater's tre flip (skate trick) was so sketchy
2) Sebastian is so sketchy at sports (if u look at Sebastian Touch at QPCS playing sports he is so shit
by Nolosk8s March 17, 2009
The opposite of preppy
Almost any day student, particularly if they are from Greenfield. Northampton kids tend to be more danky than sketchy
by danks May 20, 2005
When a suspicious being is wandering about acting drunk and staring at you
yo man that sketchy drunk smells like bacon
by justin April 22, 2003
unreliable or changing your mind alot
that sketchy bastard asked me out on a date but didn't call me back.
by hedroi February 16, 2006
Any male besides the alpha male.
Lauren: "All my friends and I have slept with Jim, but we steer clear of the rest of these guys, they're real sketchy."
by Croato February 08, 2009

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