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a really beautiful girl with amazing boobs that is really hard to get. if you get her you are a lucky man. often gets mistaken for a bitch but shes the nicest person you will ever meet. chillest girl on earth and if you get to know her you will love her
person 1: dude i spent like a month trying to get with gabriela
person 2: yeah man she really is something
by blahblahblah896 January 18, 2010
She is an amazing person. One of the nicest you'll ever meet. She has an amazing laugh, and is so gorgeous, words don't do her justice. She is someone you will always want to be your girlfriend, even though she is always taken.
"Gabriela should not be dating Josh, she's way too good for him."
by AlexandertheGreatest February 23, 2013
She is cute and she has a lot of love for you if she likes you.sometimes takes text messages out of context get mad easily but in the end u love her.
Dame Gabriela got a fatty 😋
by Veton November 25, 2012
God is my strength
"The name Gabriela means 'God is my strength'"
by ballerx234342 July 16, 2008
She is a perfection you see once in a lifetime. A woman that makes you want to stay alive as long as possible just to gaze at her. She is a goddess walking amongst us in a way that we can't describe in words but only in a trance. Someone yo ucan fall in love with and feel all the comfort in the world just by sitting across, or even better, next to her. Whether as a lover or as a friend, you are truly a lucky individual to know Gabriela.
I have never seen a walking beauty, so beautiful, more beautiful than the beauty of . . . Gabriela.
by banEste veraRi August 25, 2010
She first can come to you as a strong independent person who likes to keep to her self . But once you get to know her wether a friend of a lover she will show u a huge part of her which can be so gentle loveing caring and the most loveable person. Her personality is very laid back, down to earth and is a very funny person who loves to see a person smile. One amazing thing about her she will prefer to make you happy then her self . She goes out of the way for others. You must work your butt to get this girl , trust me the hard work will pay of once she's yours she is truly a keeper with a warm heat. And super nice boobs and knows how to work that body during sex. You will fall in deep deep super deep truly in love with her and make you have butterflies and know what loveis.
by cookie4510 June 20, 2012
A very special girl. She loves the beauty of life, flavors, colors, music, etc... A very independent woman but sometimes she behaves like a child. She knows what she wants. She's very nice but sometimes she's a b**h. She's very inocent but inside she's wild and very kinky and ready to give sooo much love, but not misunderstand, she is very hard to get.
guy: gaby!!! hug!!! ^^

Gabriela: F**k you ^^
by Kl3toz June 19, 2011

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