Simple Plan is a pop-punk band composed of five members. And no, they are NOT 'emo'.

Chuck - Drums
Pierre - Vocals
Jeff - Lead guitar
David - Bass and backup vocals
Seb - Guitar and backup vocals

If you don't like them, then keep it to yourself.
Just listen to their albums.

Some of my favorite songs of theirs are: "Promise", "I'd Do Anything", "Shut Up!" and "Wellcome to my life".
by meatwad's ghost May 30, 2005
One of the best bands ever, that helps people relate by their songs.
Simple Plan is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Specail May 20, 2005
A good band from Canada that sings about things they have experienced throughout life and anyone who doesn't like them doesn't know Jack Shit.
Fag: Simple Plan Sucks My Balls!!!!
Me: What The Hell? Simple Plan Rocks, goddammit!! *smack*
by Jin Kazama March 28, 2005
A French Canadian pop punk band based in Montréal, Québec. They have released three studio albums. A lot of people criticize them for whining about how fucking their life is. I don't think they do that. They just try to give neglected people hope that's all.

The only reason why they are hated is that one so called ''cool guy'' hates them for some reason or the other and the rest of the people follow them. They are a great band with great songs and 'clear' voice. You can understand what they are actually saying without checking the lyrics! That is also a reason for them to be hated.
Guy 1,''Whatcha doing mate?!''
Guy 2,'' Listening to Simple Plan's Welcome To My Life.''
Guy 1,'' That's a piece of shit! They always whine how horrible their life is!''
Guy2,''Fuck off man, what do you know?''
by Keutykat July 20, 2009
No one gives a shit if you don't like them.
They have ONE song about their dad, and they talk about how it was hard for them to do what made them happy, and still please their family.
...that's not complaining. That's encouraging.

They actually have charities set up to help teenagers with problems. They are not just 'winging about their sucky lives.'

One of the only bands using their fame for good things.

They have so much talent, and the only reason people hate them so much is because people can't think for themselves.

Definately the most amazing band, and some of the greatest boys ever.

Unlike most bands, Simple Plan have fans they have will stick with them.
A: have you heard Simple Plan?
B: No. A lot of people hate them, so obviously they suck.
by sp37 June 23, 2009
Great band with so much personality! Got their start in Montreal, CA. All speak french (hot!) and write awesome songs! critics usually give bad reviews. one common review is "what do they have to complain about?" to which they answer, "you know, we had lives BEFORE we were simple plan. are we not aloud to write about that? plus, we write songs for those teens who feel like we did when we were that age." consists of pierre bouvier,seb lefebvre,jeff stinco,chuck comeau, and david desrosiers. amazing band that everyone should check out! great live concerts too!
Simple plan rocks in more ways than one! they keep in touch w/their fans with their site, youtube account, myspaces, facebooks, ect. i <3 simple plan!
by call me simple plan! October 18, 2008
The best fucking band in the whole goddamn mother fucking world!!
There songs have such meanings; welcome to my life so describes the way I feel in everything that I do
Simple plan fuckin rocks!!
Simple plan is the gnarliest freakin band in the world!!! They fuckin rock!! And there hair is sooooo fuckin cute! They have that johnny knoxville mohawk thing going on. They fuckin rock and they are soooooo hott!
by gretchenhardcock September 05, 2008

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