Wow. You people really have NO lives if the only thing you can do is bash on bands. SO what if you dont like them. Other people do. And you say they wine about their horrible lives "all the time"? Two songs out of over 30. Wow. That is just WAY too much. Anyway. I don't care if other people don't like Simple Plan (Which is my second favorite band), but it is just plain mean to talk trash about them. And do you even know what they went through in their lives? Have you met them? DOUBT IT. If you guys hate them soo much, then why do you guys know their song? Seriously don't be such a fucking hypocrite. Obviously enough people like them or else they wouldn't be around anymore. And they have to have talent or else they wouldn't have gotten a record deal. SO stfu.
ME: So what's up?

Stupid Kid: Oh, nothing just listening to Simple plan, who I hate and bashing bands like them and Good Charlotte on Urban Dictionary.

Me: *walks over, shoves kid out of their chair, walks out of room*
by SuckmyDuck26 August 29, 2010
A Band that could care less about all you haters and send thier time writing music or doing what ever else musicains do.
Pierre Bouvier Quote: People that hate our band (Simple Plan), they will never hate enough to make me stop, they don't phase me. I love what I do so much and they will never stop me from doing it. No matter how loud they scream, I will scream louder and I will always be there for the people that love us.
by Emma Gamble January 23, 2008
A band from Canada.

Things that should be noted if you don't particulary like the band...
1. No one makes you listen to it, so if you don't like stop b****ing about how much you hate it.
2. You dont know them and their families and their backgrounds so you have no right to say crap about them whining about their lives in song form. You dont know them you shouldn't judge them. You also obviously haven't looked into the lyrics because they are more honest than most bands I have heard.
3.As for the talent issue... I would like to see you get together with for other people and make decent music, better music than SP. I'd love to see that because all true musicians know how hard it is to make music and practice and shit. I'd like to see you try.. and I'd laugh... a lot.
4. Also for a band Sp, isnt into a lot of shit that some bands are in.... enough said.
5. The guys in Sp actually give a damn about their fans beyond the money factor...Simple plan foundation.
6.They understand that music is about more than just notes and rythyms, its about feelings things and ones charecter and conyeing your beliefs to anther person. Its about communication with something bigger than yourself. Its about giving a damn about something other than yourself.
7.They never said they were punk... so stop b****ing about that... jeez people can be so ridiculous over the dumbest things.
Simple plan is a down to earth band and if dont like them dont complain. "So shut up, shut up dont want to hear it" (from simple plan's song in the album still not getting any called Shut up)
by StickUpForWhatYouThinkIsRight September 24, 2007
it's not like only people in africa or those suffering from poverty feel their life sucks. life can be hell for anyone whether rich or poor. like what happened to kurt cobain... so it is not at all that the band hates its life by expressing it thru the songs. but i hate those people who like to waste their time in just insulting the bands. though these don't even have the courage of performing and showing themselves to the world yet they are brave to critisize the ones who are famous. i can only say that these guys are jealous and can't stand other's happiness.
simple plan is the most fantastic band ever. no one can compare one band with the other. each band is the best in its own place. u can't compare the beatles with blink 182. both are best in its own place.
by tanmaya September 09, 2007
the best band to grace the face of the earth with their wonderful music. they dont care what everyone thinks of them and do everything for their fans. the rock and nothin anyone says can bring them down.
simple plan, good charlotte, green day, blink 182
by amanda lauren September 25, 2005
an awsome band who dont give a fuck wat any 1 says about them they r emo, but personally great guys who dont mope aroound like u say they do so all of you shut the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
more like good charlotte, The Used & my chemicle romance is rock, these guys r just emo........who cares?
by I_luv_ya_david_desrosiers! August 26, 2005
Simple Plan is a pop-punk band composed of five members. And no, they are NOT 'emo'.

Chuck - Drums
Pierre - Vocals
Jeff - Lead guitar
David - Bass and backup vocals
Seb - Guitar and backup vocals

If you don't like them, then keep it to yourself.
Just listen to their albums.

Some of my favorite songs of theirs are: "Promise", "I'd Do Anything", "Shut Up!" and "Wellcome to my life".
by meatwad's ghost May 30, 2005
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