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A great word, used sarcastically to insult somebody who feels bad about themselfs or has hurt themselfs and is talking about it. The injury is usually minor but emphisised.
Dan: Oww my arm kills.
Jimmy: aww poor didums, shall I kiss it better?
by www.bloodbanx.com March 03, 2005
1- Not wanted, usually used informally to insult.
We don't want you here, you are UNWANTED!
by www.bloodbanx.com March 17, 2005
1) A particular type of earth consisting of rocks and minerals.

2) A stain.

3) A hard rock / heavy metal band, currently with 3 albums:

throttle junkies
1) I used some the soil from over there to plant my plant.

2) Ahh, i have a soil on my shirt.

3) Cross my heart hope to die, pluck out my f***ing eye, i am broken everywhere, loveless b****rd i don't care.
by www.bloodbanx.com March 03, 2005
Simple plan is a good band classified as punk-rock, personally I think it's just rock.

Unlike other bands simple plan seem to be alot more laid back and i can't see them throwing people off the stage if they climbed on it. There songs admittadly are aimed towards kids, but there songs are full of meaning and quality music. Alot of people hate them, but then most people don't listen to more than one of there songs before they reach there conclusions.
"I'd do anything, just to hold anything, just to fall asleep with you"
by www.bloodbanx.com February 26, 2005

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