Better than Avril Lavigne. Actually write their own music.Instead of stealing it from other bands. Great band in other words with the ability to write songs that mean something. New album out 12 February 2008.
Avril: omg like im sooooo totally cool. i even write my own like music!
ME:Bitch whatever! You cant play or sing worth shit! get a REAL job. *says underbreath "stupid muthafuckinbitchassho...BOO-YAH!*
Simple Plan: Yeah! why dont ou go steal another song!!
by! December 27, 2007
Hands up, who wants an unbiased, non-judgemental definition? Thought so.

Simple plan is a pop-punk band from Montreal, Canada. People call them posers, poseurs, etc. but there is no such musical genre as 'Poser-rock.' People who listen to Simple Plan are also labeled posers but this again is not true.
Person 1: I love Simple Plan.
Person 2: Simple plan are posers lol!
Person 1: Go play in traffic.
by some random pyro chick January 10, 2007
kickass canadian band


i swear to god, u pple have only herd their mainstream mus, n its their non mainstream thats good.
honestly, its only cus their mainstream u hate them. like, for example, taking back sunday , r going mainstream, give it 2 yrs n everyone will hate them

therefore listen to all simple plan's or any band for that matter music before effing judging and commenting them

by angeXx September 06, 2006
a french canadian band with a lot of talent who don't get enough credit. since they write about real life, say their words plainly, and have lyrics that make sense some people don't like them.
"emo" kid: simple plan sucks, they're so not hardcore like bands that sing "kill me DEAD, my life sucks because I'm grounded", "I hate my life so shove a fork in my head", and "i slit my wrists because I don't get my way".
by jiggle_hugs November 08, 2005
Simple Plan is a band made up of 5 guys from Montreal, Canada; Pierre, David, Seb, Chuck, Jeff. They are one of the best rock/punk/pop/alternative bands with their much sucess winning "best candian group" 3 year in a row on MMVA and for the juno awards and so many more. Their popularaty has grown quicky over the years with sold out concerts over the world. Even though they are always on tour non stop for their fans, they have never lost their sense of humour. They know what their fans like and are not going to stop because of a few "simple plan haters" and will remain strong in the end.
Tegan: Hey Sara are you going to buy tickets to the Simple Plan concert?
Sara: when did they go on sale?
Tegan: I think only two days ago...
Sara: Good luck with that!! They probably are already all sold out or the only sets left are row zzz!!
Tegan: Shit! I knew I should have got them earlier!
by Amdes October 02, 2005
A French Candadian band who may not satisfy your ohsohardcore persona, but still can make quality music.

Whilst everyone thinks they are complaining about their own lives, the truth is, they write for their fans. They are a down-to-eath band who still keeps in mind that without the fans, they'd be nothing. Pierre, David, Jeff, Chuck and Sebastien all go out of their ways to make sure that no matter how "popular" their music may get, they still take the time out to meet up and talk to their fans. Which, is quiet frankly, more than any of your OMGZIMSEWHxC bands could ever say.

While still doing that, they have donated a lot to good causes such as the Tsunami Relief Fund and Live 8. Because they know the real problems in the world and just because they were fortunate enough to be born in a country where they don't have to worry about hunger or poverty, doesn't mean they're not "allowed" to write about problems that everyday teenagers have, you know... in a non-third world country.

They only mean to do good, and if you can't see that, well. Then, get your head out of your hardcore scene ass and stop being so stuck up.
Scene kid: Oooh. I'm waaaay too hXc cewl to listen to a poppy band like Simple Plan. Maaan. Those guys are sellouts... and, because I was told so: Sellouts are laaame.

Me: *backhands*
by hawtsects September 25, 2005
One of the most awesome bands ever. They actually write their own songs, so its actually their music. They really don't care what people say about them, and the only one that's dyed their hair black is David Desrosiers(bass player). The band consists of 5 memebers:
Pierre Bouvier: Lead Vocals
David Desrosiers: Bass, Back Up Vocals
Sebastien Lefebvre: Back Up Guitar, Back Up Vocals
Jean-Francois Stinco(Jeff): Lead Guitar
Charles Comeau(Chuck): Drums
As Pierre sang his heart out, and as David, Seb, and Jeff strummed their guitars, as Chuck took all his anger out on the drum set that sat before him, the crowd chanted: "Simple Plan, Simple Plan!"
by Julsie May 17, 2005

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