Canadian band. They seem to be more kid-oriented, and like most people I can't really see them doing marijuana or injuring people. They write about their own experiences and what they've seen throughout life. Hey, isn't that what all music artists do?
Er...just listen to the music. That's example enough.
by inksplot March 11, 2005
The best band ever to walk on the earth
Simpleplan is the best band ever!
by KAyla November 02, 2003
A really great band. A lot of people don't like them, but if you just listen to the songs, EVERYONE can relate to the lyrics at one point in their lives.
Pierre Bouvier-Lead Vocalist
Sebastien Lefebvre-Guitar and Backup Vocals
Jeff Stinco-Lead guitar
David Desrosiers-Bass Guitar and Backup Vocals
Chuck Comeau-Drums
Simple Plan rocks and I don't care what you say!
by Tempest B. September 30, 2005
Another stupid pop band that think they're "tEh HaRdKoRnEsS!!113232213" but they really suck.
3 reasons why they seem think they're like blink-182:

1.A girl in the I'd Do Anything video has a blink'll see it,it's black with the TOYPAJ thing on the sleeve and it says "Blink-182" on the front.

2.Mark Hoppus sings for that song,too..What the fudgesicles is going on here?

3.When you look at their CD cover and name you'll say "Why do these guys think that their blink-182?"

I love blink-182,they're my favourite band,but WHY do these stupid guys try to be like them?!?!
by TheWiggidy May 14, 2004
A French-Canadian band which contains an admittedly whiny range of adults. While not brilliant and their music is a little...angsty, some people like them for what they were like on an interview which portrayed them in a positive light. Thats the primary reason I got into Simple Plan.

If you watch the video on youtube titled Simple Plan Behind the Scenes DVD (1/3) and like it, you will find out that yes, they are actually pretty stupid and funny, and are just whiny in their songs.

In the band, there are:
Pierre Bouvier (lead vocals)
Jeff Stinco (lead guitar)
Sébastien Lefebvre (rhythm guitar, backing vocals)
David Desrosiers (bass guitar, backing vocals)
Chuck Comeau (drums and percussion).

They have released four studio albums: No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls (2002), Still Not Getting Any... (2004), "Simple Plan (2008) and Get Your Heart On! (2011); as well as two widely marketed live albums: Live in Japan 2002 (2003) and MTV Hard Rock Live (2005).

Some of this information is not mine and so credit also goes to Wikipedia.
Simple Plan is known for their singles, "Shut Up!" and "I'm Just a Kid" among others.
by IrishCritic_And_MCR-Lover-XD July 07, 2011
the former members of the backstreet boys.....they shouldn't even be allowed to be classified as pop-punk.they're pop...thats it, it doesnt matter if they have percings and spiky hair...
they're a second rate version of blink-182....blink-182 is horrible.
by susie q August 01, 2004
Noun: *N Sync with a few guitars. Simple Plan is a quote-unquote "rock" group who sing about being mad at their dads. They were born in Canada, but came to The USA to brainwash middle school kids into thinking that they are punk. They perform worldwide giving hope to teenagers everywhere-- if you've bought at least one T-shirt from Hot Topic and have spiked your hair, you're punk. For real punk see: The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, Screeching Weasel, Greenday. Hell, even Bowling For Soup's pre-MTV material. See similar: Good Charlotte.
Simple Plan is for adolescent Hot Topic-shopping, acne-fighting, suburban & snobby mall rats who either suffer from sleep deprivation or take Ritalin more than twice a week.
by Anthonu January 07, 2005

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